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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jan 18, 2022

My guest this week is Dr.Tami Meraglia.

In this episode, Dr. Tami and I discuss her favorite hormone, testosterone. Not surprising since she is the author of The Hormone Secret. Testosterone is often a misunderstood and underappreciated hormone, especially for women. Did you know testosterone plays a really important...

Jan 11, 2022

My guest this week is Caleb Greer, FNP-C of Precision Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

In this episode, Caleb and I discuss Semaglutide, a GLP-1 agonist. If you or someone you know has been struggling with weight loss or have diabetes this is the episode to listen to. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of GLP-1...

Jan 4, 2022

My guest this week is Craig Koniver, MD

In this episode, Craig Koniver, MD, and I discuss mental health, COVID, and of course his specialty NAD+. NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a vital coenzyme found in every cell of the body. It is involved in hundreds of cellular processes. NAD+ can be used to slow...

Dec 28, 2021

My guest this week is Beth Shirley, RPh, CCN

In this episode, Beth Shirley, (Executive Director of the Scientific Advisory Board for Berkeley Life) and I discuss Nitric Oxide and the plethora of conditions it can help with from infections to mast cell issues.

Beth talks about one single compound that can help...

Dec 21, 2021

My guest this week is Cameron George of TRU KAVA.

In this episode, Cameron and I discuss his long journey to find his health and how Kava helped him heal. We cover frequently asked questions about Kava such as what kind of Kava is best, how to dose Kava, can you overdose with Kava, why do people use Kava, is Kava...