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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 10, 2020

Breath Work  with JP Crimi

This episode could possibly change your life in as little as one hour for less money than you spend in an average week on coffee.  Breath work is nothing new but I can promise you that you’ve never experienced it quite like this before.  Jon Paul Crimi has developed a technique that he delivers live online every Sunday to people from all over the world - you owe it to yourself to try it just once.   In this episode you’ll get a taste of JP and what breath work might just help you to access in yourself...check it out, sign up for a class and then send me a note to share your experience - I guarantee that you won’t regret it!!  Enjoy!!


01:18 Introduction to John Paul Crimi - from Boston to LA Sobriety Coach to the Stars to today


6:18 the autoimmune condition that ended JP’s acting career and launched him on the journey that led to where he is today…


13:13 How a Stanley cup Final Hockey Game in 2012 with Matthew Perry led to an audience with Tony Robbins...the next step


17:07 Conscious Connected or Circular Breathing what it is and how JP came to develop his own style...


21:54 The benefits of Live online classes vs Live classes


23:04 What is it about crying that is so essential for your health


24:14  HOW Breathwork clears the way for transformation in every part of your life differently than therapy


27:21 Turning off your inner critic


29:56 Breathwork as a gateway to meditation...


33:25 Using breathwork to help resolve physical issues


35:49 The difference of JP’s breathwork classes - the power of the right music and a coach who pushes you to your limits…


39:00 JP’s deal with the universe and ultimate goal…


43:56 Becoming a Breath Work teacher….

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