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LONGEVITY with Nathalie Niddam

Nov 9, 2020

Alex Tarnava of HRW

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0:11 Alex Tarnava and DrinkHRW


1:06 DrinkHRW aims to get messaging right and put forth an honest and accurate voice


02:52 How Alex Tarnava got into molecular hydrogen


04:09 From fit to sick


08:26 Hydrogen as a viable option to regulate inflammatory response


10:12 Hydrogen Testing


10:56 Getting the right amount of molecular hydrogen


11:15 Cautionary tale about molecular hydrogen products


12:34 What drove Alex  to create HRW


15:44 Initial stages for hydrogen tablet


16:49 What it takes to scale production 


21:27 Marketing the Hydrogen tablets


21:42 Alex’s Ethical requirements: doing good rather than just making money


22:20 Clinical outreach program


22:38 The underlying issue on pharmaceutical and supplemental research


26:14 How much you need to use to dissolve your Hydrogen tablets and why...


28:42 Dissolution kinetics when mixing hydrogen tablets with


29:36 How to get the highest dose of hydrogen


29:59 Hydrogen is most effective during intermittent high dosing


Molecular Hydrogen and….


32:29 Metabolic syndrome 

32:49 Multiple research and clinical trials about the benefits 


34:12 Rodents, hydrogen treatments, and Parkinson’s Disease


39:25 Traumatic Brain Injury


41:02 Oxidative stress, inflammation, insulin sensitivity


44:44 Molecular hydrogen as a selective antioxidant?


46:19 Restoring proper functions in the critical systems in our body and not as a pharmacological agent


47:12 Molecular Hydrogen and Fasting


48:48 The need for better evidence about Fasting in the Biohacking community


51:40 Panacea contributes to the reluctance of researchers to publish studies


52:25 The need for a cultural shift within biohacking and integrative medicine


53:08 There’s no toxic dose of molecular hydrogen


55:11 Bath tablets: absorbing hydrogen through the skin


57:43 Why adding lemon to your  hydrogen is a good idea beyond taste


58:23 Topical application for molecular hydrogen


59:47 Alex’s new project: Myjourney. and biohacking


1:01:36 About wearable technologies


1:06:29 The goal of  Myjourney. 


1:09:18 Helping researchers explore the best benefits of various biohacks via myjourney. research grants


1:09:56 Data privacy and community collaboration



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