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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jan 27, 2021

In this episode I deep dive into the fascinating world of ketone esters with Frank Llosa one of the most passionate entrepreneurs you will meet.  By now, most of us have heard of the ketogenic diet – at its center are 3 fascinating molecules called Ketones – in this case, we are talking about beta hydroxybutyrate or BHB.  While it is often talked about as a fuel source, it turns out the BHB is so much more than that as it is also an important signalling molecule that has wide ranging benefits to the human body.  Ketone Esters are known for tasing awful and costing a small fortune but through utter dedication Frank has managed to make them palatable and more affordable in order to make this important compound accessible to more people including researchers who are still uncovering the many ways they can benefit human health.



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Frank Llosa’ s story – how he first became interested in Ketone Esters and his surprising connection to Dr Veech, a pioneer in Ketone research and science

6:35 Frank’s first pitch to Venture Capitalists on marketing Ketone Esters was not exactly a winner…

7:20 The first competitive athletes who used Ketone Esters to improve their performance and how Frank ended up providing the initial seed capital to bring Ketone Esters to the market

9:25 The journey of bringing KetoneAid to market from sending them to athletes to Indiegogo campaigns…

14:47 How much of the KE1 and the KE4 do you actually need to use in one sitting and cost?

16:51 The different sports/athletes using Ketone Esters from Triathletes to half mile runners, how and why….is it helping muscles or brain?

18:30 Talking about Ketone esters and the brain – mouse studies that show that Ketogenic Diet can heal traumatic brain injuries in mice

20:45 The brain energy gap starts at age thirty

25:22 Ketone esters for Tour de France Athletes delivered 15% faster time trials…

25:52 Ketone Esters for recovery and the importance of timing Ketone esters right during athletic competitions…

27:02 How Greg Henderson former Tour de France athlete discovered that Ketone Esters not only materially improved his performance but also affected his recovery the next day….

29:10 How should regular people use Ketone Esters around their workouts?  No need to be Keto if you’re using it fasted (and are used to fasted workouts).  For alttitude workouts/results…. For hill workouts….

30:37 The muscle groups that can actually use ketone esters and how this might impact how you train when using ketone esters

34:47 Ketone esters post workout for recovery and to manage excess caloric intake ….and to bring your brain online post workout.

38:02 the interplay between Ketone esters and glucose at the end of a race/event….it’s all about lasting power sometimes even at the expense of peak performance..

39:36 Using Ketone esters for cognitive performance – a couple of real life examples …

42:57 The good news/bad news of Ketone Esters and Caffeine…augmentation and replacement

46:12 Exploring why some people may respond better or faster to ketone esters than others – ketone transporters

50:22 Franks role in getting a (30 pages!) paper written on how Ketone esters may be helpful in supporting COVID19 patients…next step….clinical trials under way as we speak!!

53:19 Setting up the first clinical trial happening in Denmark to see how ketone Esters can support the heart in patients with severe COVID19 symptoms

53:59 The link between high blood glucose levels and worse COVID19 outcomes…could a Keto diet help long haulers?

1:01 Using Ketoneaid before bedtime for sleep…

1:04 A theory on why KetoneAid might be helpful for sleep….

1:07 How Frank occasionally uses Ketones to pre-emptively mitigate the negative impact of insufficient sleep

1:08 Ketones may help to protect from harmful effects of radiation – for people living near nuclear power plants, when flying….an unpublished mouse study on how ketones massively increased survival rate of mice exposed to deadly levels of radiation.

1:13 Ketones and weight loss – how NOT to use them…

1:14 The difference between having ketones in your blood and actually being in ketosis.

1:16 Adopting a ketogenic diet before starting to use exogenous ketones of any kind…

1:19 Do people need to be on a ketogenic diet to get benefits from ketone esters?

1:20 Using Ketone Esters to fuel the brain energy gap, to extend a fast


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Disclaimer:  This podcast is provided and intended for information purposes only, none of the information is to be taken or used as medical advice.  Before making any changes to your lifestyle, supplementation or nutrition please consult with your medical provider.