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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Sep 14, 2021

My guest this week is Dr. Matt Dawson from Wild Health.

In this episode, Dr. Matt Dawson and I discuss diet, genetics, microbiome, stress, aging and more! 

Learn more about Wild Health.

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[05:50] How did Wild Health establish their very different approach to health?..

[08:00] DNA and your diet..

[11:30] Are there limitations on what genomics can show you?..

[13:50] What do we know about the microbiome?..

[17:30] Are probiotics a tool commonly used at Wild Health?..

[19:50] Empowering the patient using data and self quantification tools…

[22:55] Using Clarity software to crunch the data, help more people and make it more affordable...

[26:30] Extreme diets and what is the best?..

[31:42] Is there a certain clientele that Wild Health mostly focuses on?..

[36:00] Besides diet, genes and microbiome what else does WIld Health help people with? How important is mental health in overall health?..

[40:05] Can you slow the clock down on aging?..

[43:25] Nature's role in Wild Health..

[49:00] What Summits has WIld Health offered and what is a summit like?..

[54:40] Dr. Matt’s top three recommendations to positively impact your health…

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