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LONGEVITY with Nathalie Niddam

Sep 28, 2021

My guest this week is Robert Slovak of Water and Wellness.

In this episode, Robert and I discuss Quinton's Isotonic and Hypertonic solutions. Quinton is made from sea plasma harvested from vortex plankton blooms, that quickly restore the body's biological terrain. With 78 minerals that are necessary for proper genetic expression, Quinton Isotonic is nearly identical to the concentration of minerals and trace elements found in human blood plasma.

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International water scientist Robert Slovak is regarded as one of the world’s foremost water experts.

After retiring from the corporate world, Robert left for Brazil to bring advanced water technology. While working in the rainforest, he contracted a gastrointestinal illness due to unsanitary eating conditions in the small village. It was then Robert was taken to see a biologist for treatment. The scientist recommended Quinton Marine Plasma to eliminate the affliction. Robert left the Brazilian biologist the following morning convinced he had uncovered one of the greatest medicines of history, an imported marine solution from Spain.

Episode Takeaways

[08:30] How did Robert get started with Quinton, molecular hydrogen and Water and Wellness?..

[15:45] The formation of earth (Robert has slides you may want to watch on youtube)...

[22:15] Our body’s fluids vs the ocean… Is the similarity the key to homeostasis?...

[25:20] The experiment that changed everything…

[28:20] What impact does drinking Quinton have on your extracellular matrix?..

[32:05] How can Quinton be administered?..

[38:30] Where does Quinton come from and how is it made?..

[48:20] Are athletes better off using Quinton or a typical electrolyte solution? What is the best way to use it as an athlete?..

[56:00] What is everything that is in Quinton?..

[59:00] Quinton hypertonic solution vs isotonic solution… Which is better? When should each be used?..

[62:44] Is Quinton the fabric of life? Does it have the ability to restore our bodies at a cellular level?..

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