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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Oct 12, 2021

My guests this week are Tami Meraglia MD and Ian Mitchell. In this episode, Dr. Meraglia, Ian, and I discuss how the Hair Science System works, why it’s so successful, what kind of hair loss issues it can resolve (all of them so far), and peptides.

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Ian MItchell is a research scientist, founder, and developer of Neural RX and Hair Science System. He has developed multiple novel therapeutics using Lipofullerenic-Conjugates and holds multiple patents in the field of nano-medicine. Additionally, he developed multiple products focused on the convergence of mobile telecommunications and biomedical engineering, as well as nanofluidic multi-assay systems for use with Lab-on-Chip (LoC) devices, and holds joint patents with the University of Tulsa for viral inhibitors. 

Dr. Tami Meragli is the author of the bestselling book The Hormone Secret and the CEO of the Seattle Stem Cell Center and Bio-Renati Stem Cell and Regenerative Center in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, as well as the Hormone Medical Clinic and Hair Science System.

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[10:20] About Ian…

[13:10] About Dr. Mereglia…

[16:25] How Ian and Dr. Mereglia met…

[18:00] How important are hormones and nutrition with hair loss? Can one formula alone work for everyone?..

[28:35] What are the different levels to the hair loss program?..

[30:53] Does the Hair Science System work for repigmenting hair?..

[34:00] The program levels: fast, faster, fastest and deep…

[39:36] Longhaul syndrome and hair loss…

[46:44] Hair Science Systems for post chemotherapy hair loss…

[52:10] What is in this secret formula that helps with hair growth?..

[58:00] Should we be worried about getting too much copper with this product? ..

[64:05] What’s the oldest person that this system has worked for?..



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