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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 14, 2021

My guest this week is Arthur Menard Founder of Lambs.

In this episode, Arthur and I discuss the harmful effects of EMF radiation and the healthful effects of Lambs EMF-Proof Clothing. Most of us think about what we put in and on our body, but we don’t always think about the environmental threats to our health. We suffer a significant amount of cell damage from EMF radiation that comes from cell phones, laptops, cars, airpods, wireless anything, smart devices, computers, airplanes, microwaves and more!

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Arthur defines EMF”s and explains how EMF radiation affects our cells specifically. Once you understand the mechanism, it makes a whole lot more sense why we should be concerned about it. EMF creates free radicals, free radicals put us at risk for oxidative stress. When our bodies are in a state of stress 24/7 they can’t thrive or help us fight off any other illnesses that threaten our immune system.

Arthur also gives us some insight into EMF research. Research shows that EMF radiation affects people in different ways. About 4% of the population is extremely affected by EMF radiation where the rest of us can’t really feel or see the damage until it’s too late because it has a cumulative effect. Reports of infertility, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes have all been linked to this kind of radiation. 

This is where LAMBS or EMF-Proof Clothing comes in. We often choose to ignore the evidence because there isn’t any easy solution and we REALLY like technology! Let’s face it, technology isn’t going anywhere. So the wonderful thing about this health-enhancing apparel is that in early research it has shown to improve HRV, sleep, and overall stress on our bodies.

EMF clothing can’t turn your health around on its own, it’s important to eat healthy, find ways to lower stress, get a good amount of sleep and keep your body moving.

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Episode Takeaways
[05:25] How Arthur got where he is today…

[12:20] What are EMF’s?..

[17:57] What is the effect of EMF’s on the body?..

[37:26] We encounter many sources of oxidative stress so why did Arthur decide to focus on wireless radiation?..

[40:38] The effects of EMF on fertility…

[55:30] What products does Lambs offer and why? What was their first product?..

[58:50] How exactly does electromagnetic shielding work?..

[65:20] Research on Lambs products..

[69:58] Electric vehicles and EMF’s…

[74:30] The compounding effect, the more factors of health you can work on the better…


Guest Bio

Arthur Menard started the Lambs clothing company–including underwear and t-shirts for men and women–to protect you from EMFs. Now starting an infant line.

He and his team develop clothing items that are protective, as well as stylish, and comfortable. They make underwear and t-shirts that can protect your organs from EMFs, making this a crucial part of taking care of your health and wellness.

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