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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 21, 2021

My guest this week is Cameron George of TRU KAVA.

In this episode, Cameron and I discuss his long journey to find his health and how Kava helped him heal. We cover frequently asked questions about Kava such as what kind of Kava is best, how to dose Kava, can you overdose with Kava, why do people use Kava, is Kava addicting, and more.  

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Cameron shares his all too familiar story of a young and healthy individual whose health, all of the sudden, seems to betray them. He dealt with brain fog, memory loss, depression, multiple chemical sensitivities, severe gut issues, seizures, extreme reactions to food and water, and debilitating fatigue. He had tried many different western and alternative medicine options. So many things promise to be the panacea but did not help.

Once he tried treating multiple systems at once, he started to make progress. The use of Kava in combination with other therapies made the biggest difference. Kava has mild entheogenic effects similar to psilocybin. Kava promotes calm, focus, interconnectivity, mental clarity, and so much more. In many cultures it’s used as a community drink much like alcohol is in our culture. Kava is non-addictive and does not throw your body out of balance as alcohol does. 

One of the main objectives people have about kava is the potential liver damage we hear about. Cameron covers the reasons why that is not an issue especially with the whole plant synergistically like it was traditionally meant to be used. Many people know that with CBD they react better when using a full spectrum product so it makes sense it would be the same with Kava.

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Episode Timestamps:

[06:10] What exactly is kava?..

[10:00] What got Cameron interested in kava?..

[14:20] Amphetamines for fatigue, yay or nay?..

[21:06] The importance of a systemic multi-therapeutic approach to health…

[32:25] The quest to find a natural product similar to benzodiazepines…

[34:15] The importance of using kava as a whole plant so that it works synergistically.

[37:30] Rehabilitating the nervous system with kava…

[42:30] Is liver toxicity common with kava?..

[55:40] The entheogenic effects of kava…

[59:00] Processing trauma and emotions with the help of kava…

[64:26] Developing different kava strains for different issues…

[68:00] Cameron talks about his different products and how to use them…

[77:10] Does kava interact with SSRI’s or other medications?..

[80:59] What is the appropriate dosing for kava?..



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