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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 28, 2021

My guest this week is Beth Shirley, RPh, CCN

In this episode, Beth Shirley, (Executive Director of the Scientific Advisory Board for Berkeley Life) and I discuss Nitric Oxide and the plethora of conditions it can help with from infections to mast cell issues.

Beth talks about one single compound that can help with inflammation, sexual health, brain fog, mast cell reactivation syndrome, depression, anxiety, heart disease, gut health, and so much more. We are talking about nitric oxide. Although our bodies should adequately produce this molecule, due to aging and the many environmental stressors we are now exposed to, many of us are depleted. Everything from day-to-day stress, to EMF exposure, and poor lifestyle habits can deplete nitric oxide. Beth Shirley covers a wide range of nitric oxide (NO) topics such as why we need NO, how we become deficient, how to test NO levels, how to supplement NO so the body can get back to optimal programming.


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[05:30] About Beth Shirley…

[08:50] How do we make nitric oxide and what affects our production?..

[14:00] EMF’s and nitric oxide…

[20:10] Can you overcome genetic issues with nitric oxide if you eat the right foods?..

[22:48] Nitric oxide for sexual function in men and women…

[25:15] Can nitric oxide decrease anxiety?..

[27:30] Is your immunity affected by nitric oxide?..

[29:44] Nitric oxide for long haulers…

[34:30] Are nitrates bad for you?..

[38:58] Why use Berkeley Life products vs others?..

[43:55] How long until you feel better after adding in nitric oxide?..

[48:51] Nitric oxide and gut health…

[55:00] The effects of EMF’s on the body…

[58:20] Nitric oxide for fertility…

[64:51] Where can you find Beth and the information she posts?..

[65:30] Nitric oxide nasal spray for COVID…

[67:00] Topical nitric oxide products…

[74:30] How to prepare for taking NAD to avoid super oxidative stress…




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