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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Oct 26, 2020

Dr. Szyf is a pioneer in the field of epigenetics, he holds a PhD from the celebrated Hebrew University, a postdoctoral  fellowship in Genetics at Harvard Medical School, a Professorship at McGill University and a Chair in Pharmacology at GlaxoSmithKline.

5:33 DNA as the operating system of our lives


6:14 Disease causes disruption in the DNA


6:41 DNA methylation gives us an insight into what’s going on in our DNA


7:07 Epi Age testing can tell us how many years we’ve been living in this world, and may give insight into how many years we may have left


8:02 Chronological age and epigenetic age can be good indicators for life span


11:17 Epi Age is a lifestyle product


12:59 Identifying the markers for aging


14:23 How Epi Age is different 


17:05 What are the most effective ways to slow down the clock?


17:29 Behaviours that can help slow down the clock


18:28 epiAging app


19:51 epiAge test results tell you what you’re DNA thinks of what you’re doing


22:21 The first step in slowing down the clock is to get to a state of balance


23:58 Using AI to derive some conclusions from an individual result against a general lifestyle model


24:30 The great revolution will come from mathematics and technology to capture the complexity of humans


26:24 The idea of sharing -- creating a “Waze” of health


27:08 Health data safety and privacy


28:06 Balancing privacy and sharing -- learning about diseases without consequences to the individual


29:00 Sharing public methylation data can help save millions of lives


31:19 Firewalled personal data and medical data  -a solution to protect the individual


32:25 Goal: To get the best solutions to prevent anyone to hack the database


33:41 The collaboration between Epi-Age and users 


36:41 The best way to use the Epi-Age test


40:25 Transferring the responsibility of health from your doctor to yourself


40:45 Experience as a teacher


41:10 Trial, error, and scientific truth


41:36 Self-empowerment and the biohacking movement


43:22 Technology empowers people about medicine


44:37 epiAge app as a source of information for lifestyle trends


48:11 Environmental influence on genetics


49:38 The impact of your mental environment on your health


50:02 Listen to your own clock


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Link to Dr Szyf’s Ted Talk:


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