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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jan 13, 2021

Dr Michael Meighen
This episode is part of the “Functional Practitioner Series” where I interview physicians who have
evolved their medical practices to encompass the principles of functional medicine. The physicians are
practicing an evolved for of medicine and have gone beyond the borders of allopathic medicine all while
preserving an evidence based approach.
Dr. Michael Meighen is a musculoskeletal expert and health optimization specialist focusing on the total
transformation of his patients.  He is the author of the  #1 best-selling Amazon book called A New You;
Using the Body's Regenerative and Restorative Powers to Optimize Orthopedic, Hormonal, and Sexual
Health Function.
  Dr Meighen holds board certifications in Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine and has
over 20 years of experience. His treatment plans primarily concentrate on conservative and non-
operative measures to help the individual improve their function, pain control, mobility, and longevity.
Dr Meighen applies evidence-based interventions to restore, regenerate, and rejuvenate his patients
allowing them to live a truly limitless life. He has integrated proactive approaches including fitness and
strength training, mindbody techniques, hormone optimization, regenerative interventional orthopedic
medicine, peptides, epigenetic testing, sexual health interventions, and aesthetic procedures to
maximize health span and vitality.
Dr Meighen’s philosophy is that clients will progress and evolve if they are accountable and embrace the
process. Beyond this he believes that the client must become comfortable with being uncomfortable
and be willing to push the limits of precision medicine to become a super being.

Dr Meighen’s office is located in Nashville Tennessee and he also practices telemedicine to serve out of
state patients and clients.
Disclaimer: Please note that this interview is intended for information purposes only and that none of
the content is to be taken as medical advice. The opinions expressed by the guest and host are in no
way to be applied by the individual in lieu of medical advice and all such changes (lifestyle, diet,
supplementation etc) should first be cleared with your medical provider.