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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jul 20, 2021

In this week’s episode, Nathalie talks to Carlee Hayes the lead Dietitian at NutriSense about how CGM’s and the Nutrisense app can support individuals to personalize their diet and reach their goals.    We talk about the value, strengths and weaknesses of continuous glucose monitors.   And, how this app and strategy can support people trying to lose body fat as well as athletes and people trying to gauge their glycemic response to various foods.  


Meet This Week's Guest

Carlee is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who specializes in bariatric nutrition therapy and weight loss. She graduated from Western Illinois University and has worked as a nutritionist at MultiCare Health Systems and Veterans Affairs.


Episode Sponsor: – I drink molecular hydrogen water every morning before anything else and have my clients do the same.  Anecdotally we have seen improvements in blood sugar control, pain from arthritis and even cognitive function in a Parkinson’s patient.  The research on the many ways that molecular hydrogen can support human health continues to come in as evidence mounts on this important signaling molecule.  A human clinical *trial showed that drinking hydrogen water daily for 8 weeks had a positive impact on lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with T2D and Impaired Glucose Tolerance… important metrics in maintaining healthy weight.   Use promo code Longevity10 to save 10% on your purchase.


Key Takeaways

[01:00] About Carlee Hayes…

[04:30] What are CGM’s (continuous glucose monitors) and why are they useful?..

[08:09] Is traditional HbA1C testing flawed?..

[11:46] What is the value of CGM’s? Using CGM’s to find out how YOUR individual body adapts to different foods and activities…

[14:33] What diet is right for me? How CGM’s can help you figure that out…

[18:39] How much information does the NutriSense give you? Can it teach you how to eat based on the data you input?..

[21:47] Is blood sugar response different at different times of day? Is late night snacking that big of a deal?..

[24:27] Tracking blood sugar for better sleep?..

[32:00] Using CGM’s to optimize athletic performance…

[38:35] What can you do to alter the way your body reacts to certain foods? Should you worry about blood sugar if weight is not an issue for you?..

[41:00] Are CGM’s inaccurate for some people? Can you be too thin to use a CGM? What is being done to ensure the most accuracy?.. 

[45:30] Is the NutriSense device painful? How do you apply it?

[50:58] Carlee’s three biggest pieces of advice to get the most out of your blood sugar…

[58:30] The effect of COVID on blood sugar…


Visit to learn more about the NutriSense device!



Instagram: @carleeohayes


Disclaimer:  This podcast and the information presented are for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat disease.  Before making any changes to your nutrition or supplementation please check with your physician or health provider.