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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jan 8, 2021

Your Birth Certificate says you’re 35 but how old does your DNA say you are??

How great would it be to be able to see how fast (or slowly) your body is aging?  Or to measure the impact of all those anti aging supplements, your regular meditation practice and that new diet you adopted 3 months ago??  It turns out that there are now companies that can give you that insight with just a few drops of your saliva…Chronomics is one of those companies – my guest today is Daniel E. Martin Herranz the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Chronomics and we talk about the science of epigenetic aging, what we know and don’t know and how people are using this test to quantify the benefits (or downsides) of how they live their life.


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01:17 Meet Daniel E. Martin Herranz - A young guy in the business of aging

02:20 How rubbing shoulders with leading biotechnology professors and meeting Dr. Thomas Dobsons, got him to his current position of CSO and co-founder of Chronomics

04:08 How to get healthier and happier: Chronomics’ vision to make very complex biological data accessible to everyday consumers to improve preventive health care

05:33 The innovation of Chronomics COVID test is its use of a saliva sample – easy, painless, and you can do it at home

06:41 Crossing the pond from the UK to North America and other parts of the world to provide at home PCR COVID testing

10:30 How accurate is the Chronomics Coronavirus saliva testing kit?

12:56 All about the preventive healthcare test by Chronomics

14:10 Behind-the-scenes of the epigenetic test. What happens after they receive your saliva sample?

15:26 What is epigenetics and how can it help quantify aging?

17:04 Using next-generation sequencing to accurately quantify DNA

18:12 Artificial Intelligence and machine learning: the technologies which help quantify your biological age, age-associated risks, mortality and age-related diseases, and risk factors

21:16 Many complex phenotypes are the result of a complex interaction between hundreds or thousands of genes along with your lifestyle and environment

22:25 Epigenetics can help us get insights into the effects of our lifestyle and environment with our genetics

24:37 Genes are not your destiny – the right lifestyle choices can compensate for your predispositions

26:53 The epigenetic test is a tool that tells you how well you’re doing but you’re responsible for changing your lifestyle to improve your outcome

28:24 Preventative health care lacks the tools to accurately quantify our health before we develop a disease

31:40 APOE ε4 gene: any lifestyle interventions to decrease the risk, delay the onset, or avoid it completely?

33:35 How epigenetics can give you the tools to determine if you're going in the right direction to reduce the chances of developing preventable diseases

35:27 Focusing on the 4 main epigenetic biomarkers in the Chronomics epigenetic test

36:21 The biological age biomarker quantifies your aging process

37:02 Metabolic risks at the epigenetic level

37:41 Quantifying the silent killers with two biomarkers dedicated to exposure such as toxins from tobacco smoke and air pollution

38:28 Alcohol footprint biomarker gives a better value to quantify your risk derived from alcohol exposure

40:28 Epigenetics test results are 100% DNA-based, with recommendations from both the epigenetic test and the lifestyle questionnaire information with the goal of providing actionable and positively impactful guidelines.



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Disclaimer:  This podcast and all the content within is intended for information purposes only and should never be taken as medical advice.  Please always consult with your physician or medical provider before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle (including starting new supplements).