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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Apr 12, 2021

In this episode, Dr Kent Holtorf and I talk about how he first found peptides and how they have transformed his health and the way he practices medicine.  We then discuss the oral peptides available through Integrative peptides TB4Frag for repair and immune support, BPC 157 for repair, KPV for inflammation and CerebroPep for the brain  and what’s coming next….


Meet this week’s guest:

Kent Holtorf, M.D. is the medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group and a founder and director of the non-profit National Academy of Hypothyroidism (NAH), which is dedicated to the dissemination of new evidence-based information to doctors and patients on the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism and advanced integrative diagnostic and treatment protocols. He has personally trained numerous physicians across the country in the use of bioidentical hormones, hypothyroidism, peptide therapy, stem cell therapy, complex endocrine dysfunction and innovative treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, weight loss, fibromyalgia, and chronic infectious diseases, including Lyme and related diseases. Lyme and associated diseases have been the focus of the Holtorf Medical Group centers and have been a passion of Dr. Holtorf’s for over 15 years.

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Key Takeaways: 

2:12 How Dr Holtorf found Integrative Medicine

4:30 His health journey through med school that led to starting National Academy of Hypothyroidism, a nonprofit thyroid association

6:42 How discovering hangover free beer led to the founding of a Beer Company

8:47 Opening up 2 centers, his stressful divorce, experiencing the difficult times

9:50 Then Dr Holtorf found peptides …. Everything changed from there

12:01 In very ill patients peptides can revive the immune system so that fewer antibiotics can get the job done

15:28 When you look at the way the body works, we think of signaling it's kind of like hormones

16:17 BPC puts the body back in homeostasis

17:25 How the thymus peptides restore balance in the immune system

24:38 The link between Autoimmune conditions and infections

26:30 They do initial panel, they can pick out who has these multisystem illness and how bad it is

28:42 Thymosin alpha 1 

36:00  KPV - orally bioavailable suppresses mast cells, busts biofilms, anti candida…

39:00 How can BPC be so big a molecule and still be orally bioavailable? The rule of 5..

42:47 BPC 157 may protect EMF’S through stabilization of cellular calcium channels

48:34 TB4 supports autophagy by supporting mitochondria 

50:00 TB4 and cancer - rushing to the rescue?

54:13 CerebroPep - Integrative Peptide’s oral version of Cerebrolysin

59:19 Coming soon: Peptigenic, an analgesic stem cell cream with peptides in it

1:07 Heavy Metals often don’t cause issues till there’s an infection involved


Dr. Richard Horowitz

DNA ConneXions



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