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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Apr 26, 2021

In this week’s episode, three powerhouses in regenerative and functional medicine: Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, Dr. Erika Schwartz, and Dr. Suzanne Turner,  join me for a jam pack session of insights on women’s hormones. We take on the topic of managing hormones as they move into and through menopause. Doing so can protect your health, your vitality, your longevity, your mood as well as how you look and feel. We talk about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and bust some of the harmful myths that have been perpetuated about it. Whether you are a woman going through this important transition yourself or, have someone in your life who is, you owe it to yourself and the people around you to get educated about this.

Meet this week’s guests:


All three of this week’s guests are Fellows of Dr. Seeds SSRP Mastermind.


Dr. Elizabeth Yurth MD is the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Boulder Longevity Institute.  Along with her 25-plus years as a practicing orthopedist specializing in sports, spine, and regenerative medicine, Dr. Yurth is double-Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine.   She is also part of the first cohort of providers to receive the A4M National Peptide Certification.


Dr. Erika Schwartz MD is the founder of ES Health takes the best of conventional and integrative medicine and applies them to preventing disease.  She was one of the first doctors in the US to treat patients with bio-identical hormones, conduct biomarker testing, and to administer preventative IVs. Dr. Erika has authored six best selling books for the public along with medical articles and numerous blogs, YouTube channel and bylined articles in the highest circulation publications of the world. 


Dr. Suzanne Turner MD is the founder of Vine Medical Associates. She is double Board Certified in Family Medicine and AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine.  Practicing Functional Medicine, Dr. Turner is an industry expert and speaker on bioidentical hormone therapy, metabolic medicine, neurodegenerative disease, and human performance optimization. She has earned Advanced Certification in Endocrinology and Peptide Therapy and is the leading expert in peptide therapy in the Southeast.


Key Highlights:

[02:33] People need hormones not just for the youthful looking but also for greater health

[06:18] Hormones produce better in sleep, which in turn will help to support healthy testosterone and progesterone levels 

[09:57]  Differences of each hormones and their roles 

[13:20] The benefits of Exercising after a meal 

[15:36] The difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormones

[23:33] The downsides of Birth control on hormones which can affect sexual satisfaction  

[27:09] Three different pathways which are largely genetic based on some cytochrome pathways and a lot environmental as well

[36:28] Athletic type persons have more estrogen than others

[41:35] When is the best time to start hormone replacement therapy?

[45:25]  Strategies in obtaining growth hormones and how it helps the cells to improve the energy production of every cell 



Dr. Yurth’s website

Dr. Schwartz’s website

Dr. Turner’s website



Dr. Yurth’s: @dryurth

Dr. Schwartz:  @drerika218

Dr Turner: @DrSturner


Disclaimer: This podcast is intended for educational purposes only and is not in any way intended to provide medical advice.  Please consult with your medical practitioner or health provider before making any changes to your diet, starting any new supplements or protocols.