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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jan 20, 2021

Dr Nichola Conlon from Nuchido talks about why simply taking NAD is not enough to solve your NAD deficiency.  Have you ever asked yourself why NAD levels go down as we age? After all, our cells are built to recycle NAD - so why on earth is everyone so deficient?  In this episode I dig deep into the issues of NAD deficiencies due to aging or disease and, TIME+  a supplement that may just provide the missing link in restoring youthful NAD levels.  

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Episode Notes:

4:51 All about Nichola, she looks 22 but definitely isn’t, she has an 11 year old daughter. What she got her PHD in and more about her background.

6:40 Nutrient transport and how it actually gets transferred into the cell

9:30 How drug companies go about creating a solution. Single target approach

10:10 Biology is very complex, every pathway is connected, and expecting a drug to only affect one thing is not ideal. 

11:00 The body has backup plans, the body is resilient 

12:00 Why drugs have side-effects 

14:00 The multi target approach and why it’s important 

16:00 How aging and drug development came together

18:00 How Nuchido was born

20:24 How this supplement addresses NAD in the cell (totally unique) 

21:00 Why just hoping that NAD gets to right place is not ideal

22:10 NAD is estimated to be involved in 500 different reactions in the body

23:00 When maintenance and repair pathways get turned down

24:05 The cycles of NAD that we want

25:55 How damage to the cells/aging correlate with NAD

26:15 By the time we’re 20, we’ve already lost half the NAD we’re born with, but there’s good news!

27:00 Why NAD levels naturally decline, and certain diseases decrease NAD

27:35 Chronic fatigue syndrome 

27:57 The people who will notice the greatest benefits from Time+

29:50 Lifestyle factors that affect your NAD levels

31:00 Mitochondria, lyme disease and even COVID-19

34:00 How MOST supplements boost NAD through precursors NMN and NMR

37:00 The problem with relying on precursors, and why the root cause is so important

37:57 Enzymes and NAD\

38:20 Why in some cases taking precursors is actually worse than not taking them

39:50 Methylation and why you may need to take a methyl donor if you take precursors  

40:50 The importance of NAD and NADH balance 

41:30 Instead of just adding to the factory, fix the factory so that it works well

46:00 NMMT

48:00 The optimal ratio of NAD and NADH

52:00 Can NAD+ be found in nutrition? 

57:30 Ingredients in Time+ and why you shouldn’t be worried if you accumulate high levels of zinc

59:20 Why green tea is so amazing, egcg and methylation 

1:01:24 Why parsley is so important

1:09:00 Why whole systems are so important

1:11:40 Senescent cells and why you should pay attention to this!

Disclaimer:  This podcast is intended for information purposes only and none of the information presented should ever be taken as medical advice.  Consult with your physician or medical provider before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle (including starting new supplements).