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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 28, 2020

In 2005 George Wiseman, an inventor discovered that a device he had created to solve an industrial problem actually could provide incredible benefits. He had stumbled upon a delivery system that produced Molecular Hydrogen as well as a fascinating compound called Brown's Gas (BG). BG can be consumed as a gas to be inhaled, applied topically or that can be bubbled through water to be drunk or applied topically with fascinating results.

In this interview, we explore George's personal healing journey and how he has helped thousands of people on theirs....from better immunity to balanced metabolic function, George credits this technology for his personal transformation and has witnessed it do the same for many of his customers.

There's also a ton of research backing this up which you can access at as well as a multitude of testimonials that have been submitted by his customers over the years.

Some foundation info:

What is It? A gas produced from water  consisting of 2 parts Molecular Hydrogen and one part molecular O2 - it is also called OxyHydrogen, HydrOxy and HHO.

BG is formed in the absence of a membrane between the Anode and Cathode used to electrolyse the water.  

BG Discovered in 1960 by Dr William Rhoades (US)

Further studied for 30 Years by Dr Yull Brown (Aus) 1984 -

George Wiseman founded Research and developed a Torch that harnessed BG for Industrial Purposes.

2005- George starts to use BG himself .

Within weeks he notices marked improvements to his health.(discussed in interview).

2016 - Starts inhaling the gas and experiences more shifts in his  health.  ships worldwide

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7:42 What is Brown’s Gas and how does it occur?

10:00 Customers start experimenting with Brown’s Gas for reasons...including one jaw dropping example of healing...

12:26 After Tyler Lebaron consulted with him in the early 2000’s about Hydrogen for health, George was convinced to use Hydrogen and Brown’s gas for his too ….

13:20 Conditions that George has seen resolve since he started first drinking Brown’s Gas and eventually inhaling it….

14:34 Korea is on to this technology

17:31 Brown’s Gas is a powerful oxygen reduction compound when you bubbe the gas through water . It seems to be a “much  stronger” antioxidant.

19:21 “Electrically expanded water”

19:40 The difference between H2 Machines and Browns Gas Machines.

20:48 The real 4th State of water

21:30 Drinking tap water may suck energy from your body

23:58 Why people get sick and the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) that can help improve peoples’ outcome

25:25 How Hydrogen may improve digestion and how the ingestion of toxins like Glyphosates and antibiotics may be driving hydrogen deficiency.

27:20 Some of the conditions that George attributes healing to Brown’s Gas and Hydrogen

28:33 How to make sure Browns Gas is safe for home use….

30:28 Hydrogen as a major macronutrient

30:35 The big difference between Hydrogen and Brown’s Gas

33:45 Can Brown’s Gas be too much of a good thing for healthy young people?

35:00 Interesting facts about longevity and how Brown’s Gas may play a role…

36:09 Human study in Japan comparing the Hydrogen levels in longer lived families vs shorter lived families...

40:45 Back to George’s personal journey after starting to use Brown’s Gas - better immune function, GI function, vision, weight loss

44:00 The first condition that resolved when George started inhaling BG…..and other conditions that may positively be impacted by inhaling BG...

46:50 How many hours a day should you use Brown’s Gas…. 48:30 “The weirdness” phase aka adaptation to increased levels of hydrogen...

49:50 Drinking Brown’s Gas and 4 ways to use it

56:30 The Power of n=1

57:00 For arthritis

58:00 For wound healing

59:25 George’s Diet and how it has evolved….

1:08:18 Where to find scientific studies on his website

1:13:18 Is Brown’s Gas more stable in the than Molecular Hydrogen?

1:14:20 The thing that Nathalie does on planes causing fellow passengers to turn and stare….

1:16:40 When should you consume Brown’s Gas - Pre or post workout? ships worldwide For 10% off use promo code: Vitality

Please note that this video is for information purposes only and is not intended to substitute for medical advice, diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician or care provider before starting any new treatment, making changes to your diet or lifestyle.