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Your Best Sleep Ever - Perfect Sleep Pad - Why Water Cooling is Better Than Air

Oct 12, 2020

Your ability to focus, function and overall thrive comes from good quality sleep. The Perfect Sleep Pad cools your body the right way, it is the lowest in EMF, and cools the body all night long. The way the Perfect Sleep Pad works is that it circulates water through a thin pad that you place on top of  your mattress and under your bottom sheet. 

Please note that this content is intended for information purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Peptides are for the most part classified as research chemicals so should not be used on humans. Before changing your diet or using any new supplement make sure to consult with your health care provider. Always seek the advice of your physician or health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding a medical condition before you make any changes.

This episode is with Henry Zeifman, the founder of Perfect Sleep Pad.

3:40 The sensor tracks to 1/100th of a degree, so any change in body temperature will trigger the sleep pad to adjust the temperature for your body!


4:54  How Henry got into the sleep business over 20 years ago making very technical mattresses. 


9:15 What makes the Perfect Sleep Pad better than the competitors


10:00 How this process actually elongates your deep sleep phases & The alarming issues with mattresses these days


11:05 Why you come out of deep sleep and rem sleep early! 


11:33 This pad uses intelligent technology to warm or cool depending on changes in your body’s temperature! 


11:50 Why you’ll never want to sleep without this again!


13:00 Why air conditioning just isn’t good enough


13:20 The Perfect Sleep Pad only uses 80W (the energy of a light bulb) vs. your air conditioning uses 50x the amount of energy. How you can save money from your energy bill.


15:00 Why water is better than air for regulating body temperature


16:20 The feeling Nathalie loves “like a breath of fresh air”


17:20 Other accessories for therapeutic options, to address injuries, a jacket to stimulate  brown fat, and even a headband that upregulates melatonin production and is great for people with PTSD.


19:45 25% of couples can’t sleep together because of temperature disagreeances 


20:40 Why menopausal women love the perfect sleep pad


21:20 Mitochondria and REM sleep


21:40 How this tool can transform your life


24:05 The air conditioning around you will not draw heat from your body, and this pad is specific to you and your partner. 


24:35 Why cooling under your body is better than cooling on top of your body.


26:19 Pads for injury, and “moist heat”


28:28 EMF and sleep tech


37:40 You get different, better sleep every hour you sleep before midnight. 


37:50 The relationship between REM sleep and Alzheimers 


39:50 Deep sleep for seniors is incredibly important


41:45 Ninety Day money back guarantee


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