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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Aug 3, 2021

In this week’s episode, Nathalie chats with Jean-François Tremblay start the conversation with  LL37 – a powerful antimicrobial peptide naturally synthesized in humans.  They then move on to a new hybrid peptide bringing Thymosin Alpha 1 and LL37 – designed to potentially mitigate the natural cytotoxic effects of LL37.   They then move on to the synthetic versions of the bioregulator peptides produced by CanLab and correct a commonly held misconception about proper dosing levels.  The good news is that Bioregulators just became a lot more affordable!  We then move on to GHK…and much much more!


Meet This Week's Guest

Jean-Francois Tremblay is the owner of CanLab, a Montreal based company that specializes in synthesizing and manufacturing peptides. Jean-François Tremblay is a regular guest on this podcast.  Jean-Francois studied Exercise Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacy at UQAM.  He has been researching (in theory and in practice) peptides and SARMS since the 90’s and has been studying the theoretical basis of what peptides are and their practical applications in sports performance, anti-aging, and health in general. 


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Key Takeaways

[03:35] Ll-37 can it possibly play a role in dealing with the current crisis?

[07:13] Ll-37 to treat HIV…

[08:00] Cytotoxicity (the dying of good cells) with ll-37. How can we mitigate that reaction?

[09:08] Vitamin D levels and immunity; genetic variations that inhibit vitamin D conversion

[11:23] How does air pollution effect health and natural ll-37 levels?

[15:30] Ll-37/TA1 hybrid peptide.. What can it treat? Why does it work?

[22:27] Dosing of ll-37/TA1

[28:00] Let’s talk bioregulator peptides.. Synthetic vs natural? Oral vs injection?

[33:15] Dosing of synthetic vs natural bioregulator peptides

[41:00] Is Epitalon an anti-cancer compound?

[43:23] Bioregulator peptides and their effects on other organs…

[47:30] Thymosin beta 4’s use in anti-aging and heart treatment...

[51:00] Mots-C for energy and chronic fatigue..

[54:14] GHK and it’s effect on genetics, skin and more… What is the best protocol for GHK?..

[60:01] Insulin pumps for peptides?..

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Study discussed re Human Cathelicidin (LL37) & Covid19

Insulin Pump


DISCLAIMER:  This podcast and the information presented are for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat disease.  Before making any changes to your nutrition or supplementation please check with your physician or health provider.  Most peptides are classified as research chemicals and are not intended for human use – this podcast in no way is promoting or endorsing the personal use of peptides beyond research purposes.