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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Aug 31, 2021

My guest this week is Carolina Reis Oliveira, PhD, CEO and Co Founder of OneSkin an innovative skincare company that is setting out to disrupt the rejuvenation technology space with the first SkinSpan enhancing topical cream: OS-01 based on a proprietary peptide.  We talk about skin, what skinspan is exactly, the research behind OS-01 and how this product is just the first of many more to come! 

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Where people can find Nat: , facebook page or instagram

Where people can work with Nat: and then scroll to the bottom and click on “Book Your 20 MInute Optimization Consult”.

Episode Takeaways

[09:30] About Carolina and what got her and her partners started in skin care…

[17:23] Does OS-01 have systemic effects?..

[19:30] Study by UCFS on systemic cytokine reduction with topical creams…

[24:05] Will OneSkin be incorporating other peptides besides OS-01 and did they look at other peptides while creating this product?..

[31:00] Thoughts on the effectiveness of NAD in skincare?..

[32:35] Effect of senescence cells on the appearance of skin…

[36:18] How long does it take to see a positive effect from a new skin care product and how much can you improve how you look with a topical cream?..

[46:00] Is the only way to measure the biological age of the skin with a biopsy?..

[52:00] Is OS-01 a naturally occurring peptide in the body?..

[54:38] Is there anything people should know specifically about OneSkin?..

[59:42] OS-01 as a tyrosinase inhibitor?..

[64:34] Does OS-01 affect skin cancer at all?