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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Jan 11, 2022

My guest this week is Caleb Greer, FNP-C of Precision Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

In this episode, Caleb and I discuss Semaglutide, a GLP-1 agonist. If you or someone you know has been struggling with weight loss or have diabetes this is the episode to listen to. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of GLP-1 agonists as well as who is a good candidate, benefits outside of weight loss, what conditions are contraindicated and how long should you take them?


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[05:50] When did Caleb start using GLP-1 agonists in his practice?..

[10:00] What controls appetite regulation and homeostasis?..

[18:00] What exactly is GLP-1 and what do GLP-1 agonists do? 

[25:00] Will the price for these GLP-1 agonists go down anytime soon?..

[28:02] Due to slower gastric emptying, is it beneficial to use digestive enzymes while taking a GLP-1 agonist?..

[31:00] Besides the metabolic benefits, what other benefits do GLP-1 agonists offer?

[41:10] Does GLP-1 improve insulin sensitivity?..

[47:00] Does GLP-1 increase neurogenesis and neurotrophic factors?

[49:50] Can you drink too much water?..

[55:20] Hair loss with weight loss? How to increase protein intake while cutting food intake?..

[57:10] The dark side of GLP-1 agonists…

[61:00] Do you need to take GLP-1 agonists forever or can you take them for just a short amount of time?..




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