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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Apr 19, 2021

In this episode, Chris Burres shares how he went from carbon nanomaterial engineer to supplement manufacturer when he and his partners launched MyVitalC - an offshoot of ESS60 that manufactures Carbon60 as a health & longevity supplement for humans and pets.  C60 first got health enthusiasts’ attention when toxicity trials were published that showed that C60 extended the lifespan of Wister Rats by a shocking 90 percent!  While there is still much to be learned about this amazing molecule all arrows point to it acting as a powerful anti-oxidant compound with myriad downstream health benefits.  


Meet this week’s guest:

Chris Burres is a research engineer and scientist whose primary mission is to help people live longer, healthier, pain-free lives. Burres has a diverse background in the field of inventions and manufacturing. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Houston, Burres is a co-inventor of patents related to the use of explosives in downhole oil well drilling, a co-inventor of the most efficient fullerene manufacturing equipment in use since 1991, and co-owner of a company that manufactures a unique product containing a Nobel-Prize winning molecule that has been shown to extend the lifespan of test subjects by 90 percent.

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Key Highlights:

[03:53] What is Carbon Nanomaterial and what’s it got to do with ESS60?  

[7:28] Toxicity studies shockingly showed that consumption of C60 which was expected to be toxic actually resulted in a 90% increase in lifespan in Wister rats

9:07 The leap from industrial material to longevity supplement - how that one study caused the birth of a new longevity supplement

[10:06] C60 vs. ESS60. What is the difference?  C60 is specialized for industrial use while ESS60 is mainly for human consumption.

[11:11] Research shown that Wister rats that are bred to develop tumours as they age were given ESS60 were able to live 90% longer without developing those tumours

14:55 The reports that started to come back from people experimenting with ESS60

[17:47] The detailed process and foundation of ESS60  

20:04 How much actual ESS60 can you dissolve in Olive Oil?

[21:24] What the color of your C60 product tells you about the oil that was used (MCT Oil + C60 is purple, Olive Oil + C60 is brownish).  The truth about the photosensitivity of C60 in Olive Oil - discussing the study that brings up concerns about what happens to C60 in Olive Oil when exposed to light.

[26:04 ] The wonders of ESS60 as based on the feedback of customers and users. 

[28:04] Feedbacks from the customer were reporting various benefits. When the C60 taken by the morning, users report improved focus during the day and better sleep at night.

[30:52] Beware the placebo effect - no matter what the supplement!

[41:30] Olive oil  has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which may contribute to the  benefits people are reporting

[46:00] Difference of ESS60 in MCT Oil

[48:15] Awareness of false advertising in the market and choosing supplements

[55:03] ESS60’s ability as antioxidant capacity and its limitations

[01:17] Why is olive oil the best carrier oil for ESS60



Promo Code: BSPNN to save $15 off your first order.


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