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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 16, 2020

Spermidine – The Powerful AntiAging compound you’ve never heard of but that is about to take
the world by storm. In this episode I sit down with Leslie Kenny the CEO and Founder of
OxFord Healthspan – a company founded for the purpose of bringing powerful healthy/anti
aging compounds to market. Today we deep dive into their first entry which is rooted in
ancient knowledge and yet relatively new to the modern world. Consider that this compound
hits at least 5 of the 9 hallmarks of aging….even better, new research seems to point to its
ability to improve immune response in elderly adults by helping certain areas of the immune
system to reboot and rejuvenate!! Oxford Span is committed to making this
supplement available to as many people as possible – for the month of December you can
benefit from introductory pricing PLUS an additional 15% discount (BIONAT15 promo code). If
you are this after December 2020 the discount code will still work!!
Note that this supplement will produce most noticeable results in the 50+ crowd who are
already seeing a decline in endogenous spermidine production and is not appropriate for
people with celiac disease or severe wheat allergies – we talk about all this and more in the
Leslie’s story – from autoimmune disease & infertility to how she first came across spermidine
The link between ancient Japanese scrolls on longevity and sexual intimacy and spermidine
Compounds that target the 9 hallmarks of aging and the 5 specifically targeted by Spermidine
Dietary sources and the reason why supplement companies are having to extract spermidine
from wheat instead of Natto
Natto – possibly the best and most economical source of spermidine
Who should NOT use the current Spermidine supplements (including Primeadine) and why
Amount of gluten per serving vs a slice of
Why the 50+ crowd is likely to experience the best visible results from Primeadine

Endogenous and exogenous sources of spermidine
The physical signs that your spermidine production is declining
Short, medium and long term benefits
Maximum dose as determined by regulatory bodies
Getting back to the ancient Daoist Scrolls – the aging male’s advantage over women

Best time of day to take Primeadine
DO NOT mix with hot foods or beverages
Introductory pricing in place until December 31, 2020
15% discount code in place for December and the new year: BIONAT15
Website: or

Just a few of the growing list of studies assessing Spermidine’s possible benefits for human
and longevity
Effect on Hormones, Fertility in men and women
The regulatory effect of biogenic polyamines spermine and spermidine in men and women. Open
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Spermidine Intake and Longevity in humans
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American journal of clinical nutrition, 108(2), 371-380
The autophagy enhancer spermidine reverses arterial aging in aged mice. Mechanisms of ageing
and development, 134(7-8), 314-320.

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And finally an article on new findings of the effects of Spermidine on immune function is elderly


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