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Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Dec 31, 2020

The ultimate NAD episode with Jeanne Pitre & Tom Ingoglia from the Longevity Collective and Longevity Underground.
My guests today are partners in an incredible new venture with a mission to bring NAD to people everywhere including those who need it most.
Their mission: To cure addiction, to optimize brain health AND to increase lifespan by 20 years.

In this episode we talk about the many different ways that NAD can be used as well as where it’s precursors NR and NMN fit in.
Jeanne Pitre is a Nurse, a Naturopath and a Healer who has 14 years experience as an NAD infusion specialist, so when it comes to the finer points of using NAD for whatever application she is
THE one to go to!!
Tom Ingoglia is a businessman with a health journey that took him from being a healthy, vibrant and successful executive to the brink of despair as a mysterious illness and subsequent efforts
by the medical establishment to treat him robbed him of his health and rendered him a pain
ridden shadow of himself dependant on pain medications to get through the day.  After years of suffering he was finally able
to reclaim his life through the discovery and use of NAD.

Between the two of them they have published research, attended and organized NAD conferences and rubbed shoulders with many of the leaders in NAD research.  They have founded  a not
for profit - The Center for Research and Brain Health also known as The Longevity Underground, as well as The Longevity Collective an e-store selling Transdermal NAD patches & sublingual lozenges.  Tom and Jeanne are on a mission and we all stand to win from what they have set out to achieve.

In the meantime, they generously sat with me and shared their knowledge, their stories and so much more…so pour yourself a hot or cold drink, grab a pen and paper and let’s dive in to the
world of NAD.
Here are a few time stamps to orient you through the interview:

14:34 Longevity Diagnostic Research – developing a test that can establish individuals’ innate NAD levels and best course of action to restore them

19:00 The types of NAD supplements available now at (promo code Longevity15)

22:00 How to decide which route of administration is optimal for an individual – choosing between intranasal, sublingual, SubQ or IV

27:00 Bioavailability of different forms of administration

29:00 What NAD does at a cellular level… and why it seems to affect people differently

36:00 Tom Ingoglia’s incredible health story….

44:00 Floxies, CFS, Lyme – all respond differently to NAD and other treatments – why low and slow is the only way to go

51:00 The questions to ask next time you are going in for an NAD infusion…the results you can expect to experience…

56:00 Turning the clock back to 1948, the first NAD IV’s in Italy to treat morphine addiction

60:00 The connection between NAD and brewer’s yeast, pellagra and…Covid?

1:02 How NAD treatment may hold one of the keys to treating veterans, addicts….

1:07 Longevity Underground – ultimately searching for ways to fund and run clinical trials to help the homeless, veterans, elderly and COVID populations

1:09 Callout for volunteers to join the Longevity Undergound….

1:11 Tackling the issue of using precursors to NAD, do they work? Who might they not work for?

1:16 The work that Elysium is currently doing with ALS patients; NR that is showing results

1:24 Jeanne’s take on why some people may just need to be long term users of NAD…

1:26 Possible caution around using NAD in the presence of certain types of cancer…

Links: (not-for- profit)
Promo code: Longevity15 to get 15% off your purchase of NAD products

Links to Research Articles:

Link to the NAD Movie trailer:  funded by: Longevity Underground/Center for Research on Addiction and Brain Health (CRABH)
Study making the case that  NR is more bioavailable orally than NMN. ….  

2 excellent scientific articles about NAD+ and Cancer: 

This article references Joseph Goldberger, a pioneer in NAD+ treatment utilizing Brewer's Yeast to cure Pellagra

Please note that this podcast is for information purposes only!! None of the content is
intended as medical advice – before undertaking any new health initiative be it a change in diet,
lifestyle or supplementation please consult with your medical practitioner!!